HKMAAL Panel Renewal Exercise 2024
(22 December 2023)

Please download the Notice for membership renewal 2024 from HERE.

You may renew your panel membership(s) for the year of 2024
on or before 31 December 2024. There is no late charge.

Please also take note of the following documents:
1.  HKMAAL Policy on Reinstatement of Accredited Mediators
2.  Hong Kong Mediation Code (Eng)
3.  Hong Kong Mediation Code (Chi)

You may be randomly asked to provide your record of CPD Points as obtained in the immediate past membership year. For more information, please visit the "CPD” section of the HKMAAL website:  

Phishing Email purporting to be issued by HKMAAL
(10 August 2023)

HKMAAL attention was drawn to a phishing email ("Email”) dated 10 August 2023 sent from the email account "".

The Email invited the recipients to click on a dropbox link for a PDF file purportedly relating to the recipient's record of CPD Points in the immediate past membership year, as well as to matters regarding membership renewal.

The Email was NOT circulated by HKMAAL. The link may be malicious and is unsafe to click on. 

"" is never an email address used by HKMAAL.

HKMAAL has reported the incidence to the Hong Kong Police Force.

Extension in relation to time limit for Certificates of HKMAAL Accredited General / Family Mediation Training Courses
(updated 30 June 2021)

In view of the virus situation, for the purposes of HKMAAL Mediation Assessments or Live Family Mediation Supervisions, a "Certificate of Satisfactory Completion" issued by a HKMAAL Accredited General / Family Basic and Advanced Mediation Course ("Course") will have its validity period extended:

1. if the Certificate has expired in 2020, it is now deemed valid until 30 June 2022;

The Course was completed in January 2017 and the Certificate received is dated February 2017. The Certificate expires after 3 years, i.e. by February 2020 under normal situation. It is now deemed valid by HKMAAL until 30 June 2022.

2. if the Certificate is having a validity period that covers 2020, it will be deemed valid for another 18 months from its expiry date.

The Course was completed in October 2018 and the Certificate is dated October 2018. The Certificate remained valid in 2020 and would expire after 3 years in October 2021 under normal situation.  It is now deemed valid by HKMAAL until end of April 2023 (i.e. a further period of 18 months).

If you may have any questions, please contact HKMAAL Secretariat at Tel: 2525-2381

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Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and private dispute resolution process in which a neutral person, the mediator, helps the parties to reach their own negotiated settlement agreement. The mediator has no power to impose a settlement. His/Her function is to overcome any impasse and encourage the parties to reach an amicable settlement.

In commercial disputes an impasse most often arises from either a lack of trust in the integrity of the other party or a genuine good faith difference of opinion on the facts underlying the dispute or on the probable outcome of the case were it to go to court. The mediator may act as a s ...

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1. The Mediator shall act fairly in dealing with the Parties to the mediation, have no personal ...
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