Important News about the Change in the timing of
  HKMAAL Panel Memberships  - JUNE 2018
Dear HKMAAL Mediators and Visitors

At the approval of its Council, the HKMAAL is changing the timing of all annual Panel Memberships.  

Currently, all the HKMAAL annual Panel Memberships run for one year from every 1st July to the next 30th June.    HKMAAL hereby adjusts the timing of all annual Panel Memberships to be in line with a Calendar Year, which means that all annual Panel Memberships would start on 1st January and expire on 31st December of the respective year.    This change makes it easier to remember when a membership expires and adds to administrative efficiency. 

What does this mean for current HKMAAL Mediators?

1. Your current HKMAAL (General and/or Family) Panel Membership(s) of the membership year of 2017-18 is, instead of expiring on 30th June 2018, extended to 31st December 2018 with no extra fee payment.

2. All HKMAAL Certificates having an expiry date of 30th June 2018 would accordingly be treated as valid until 31st December 2018;

3. You would be invited to consider renewing your annual Panel Membership(s) for the Calendar Year of 2019 in Late November / Early December 2018.

4. Likewise, the HKMAAL 3-year CPD Cycle would now be calculated on a Calendar-Year basis. 

5. Your 3-year CPD cycle ending on the 30th June of a particular year is now extended to be ending on the 31st December of that same particular year.   The subsequent 3-year CPD period would then start afresh through the next 3 calendar years.

For candidates seeking accreditation:

1. If you have submitted on or after 1 September 2018 your application for mediator accreditation to the HKMAAL Mediation Accreditation Committee ("MAC”), upon the approval from the MAC, your first HKMAAL Panel Membership would last until 31st December 2019;  and

2. Unless otherwise decided by the MAC, the first HKMAAL Panel Membership year of the successful applicants for mediator accreditation would end on the following 31st December, and would be renewable for the next membership (calendar) year.

If you have any questions on the above, or would like to check the status of your HKMAAL Membership, please feel free to contact the HKMAAL Secretariat (email:, Tel: 2525-2381)

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In commercial disputes an impasse most often arises from either a lack of trust in the integrity of the other party or a genuine good faith difference of opinion on the facts underlying the dispute or on the probable outcome of the case were it to go to court. The mediator may act as a s ...

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